Ahh! The Amazing Benefits of Alfalfa for Your Body

Alfalfa Field

 Alfalfa the Father of All Foods Alfalfa is a one in a million.  The name most likely makes you think of the little rascals character or horse food, but what I am talking about is alfalfa the power herb! It’s hard to find another herb packed with as much goodness as alfalfa. This long used herb […]

Find Your Healthy Self in 2015: Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program

Having a hard time letting go of the sweets? You need a program ... a delicious weight loss program that will keep the pounds off. Ready?

Are you feeling especially sluggish or bulky after all the holiday goodies? That extra cookie, appetizer or cocktail seemed like a good idea at the time, but now? Ugh. Letting go of the sweets is so hard. I feel ya. The new year is one of the best times to focus on change. If that […]

Generation X – Have Money? Good Health? Retirement Income?

Bridget Fonda & Matt Dillon, Poster Children of Generation X (photo credit: Salon.com)

Generation X. Born between 1965 and 1978. A population of approximately 41 million people. A generation that has lived and matured through more changes in the world than possibly any before or since. Changes in world security, technology, relationships, family structure, employment and economic disaster – just to name a few. If you are a […]

Natural Endometriosis Treatment Options

New Girl Cramps

Endometriosis can be debilitating. The pelvic and menstrual pain, hormonal imbalance and the bloating are all so uncomfortable that it can knock you out for a few days. One of my closest friends has had to deal with this every month since we were teens. At first, the pain frightened her as she did not […]

Why You MUST Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products in the Home

Photo credit: humansarefree.com

Maintaining a clean, healthy home simply does not require “weapons of mass disinfection”. Antibacterial and toxic household cleansers are unnecessary and carry potential risks to the long term health of our families and the environment. And to put it simply, these products don’t work any better than their natural or non-toxic counterparts. “The antibacterial soap we buy […]