Natural Endometriosis Treatment Options

New Girl Cramps

Endometriosis can be debilitating. The pelvic and menstrual pain, hormonal imbalance and the bloating are all so uncomfortable that it can knock you out for a few days. One of my closest friends has had to deal with this every month since we were teens. At first, the pain frightened her as she did not […]

Why You MUST Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products in the Home

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Maintaining a clean, healthy home simply does not require “weapons of mass disinfection”. Antibacterial and toxic household cleansers are unnecessary and carry potential risks to the long term health of our families and the environment. And to put it simply, these products don’t work any better than their natural or non-toxic counterparts. “The antibacterial soap we buy […]

Dementia: Taking Care of Your Brain – My Mother’s Story

Linnie Kern & Mom - Enjoying Life Despite Dementia

As each decade of our life passes, we feel more and more vulnerable to the health issues that we read about, experience personally, or experience vicariously through a family member or someone we know dealing with a particular health condition. We say quietly to ourselves, “Sure glad it isn’t me,” but in the same thought […]

How I Changed my Diet Plan to Help with Psoriatic Arthritis


The aches started in high school. I once thought the pain in my right knee was caused by playing tough defense in basketball or from the impact of the high jumps in cheerleading. When the aches continued and the pains and stiffness spread to my right elbow and right hand, I knew that I had […]

Working Well with Your Network Marketing Team

Network Marketing Team Tips

Our goal in our Network Marketing Business is to develop a great team, through creating and fulfilling lifelong dreams. Each person brings different skills to their organization, relish this! They are unique, and can provide many gifts to others, therefore it is important to get to know them to find how they can contribute to […]