Building Leaders and Healthy Families

Let’s Talk…Your Health. Your Wealth. Your Shaklee.

We live in a toxic world. Our food, air and stress levels are polluted.

Healthy families can protect themselves and ensure long and happy lives. It’s within your control, and you can get started today. Not tomorrow, not later this evening. Now.

Watch. This. Video.

As you watch this video, you’ll realize how important an actually effective multi-vitamin is for your overall health. Your body needs nutrients, way more than what is provided in fast food…which can be rich with chemicals…GROSS!

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Bodily Nutrition

There is something you can do to protect your family from disease caused by malnourishment. Make a commitment to eating healthier one meal a day, every day. Go get a Nutri-bullet and make a delicious, nutritious and fiber-ous veggie/fruit shakes for breakfast. That’s a start. Longer-term, get on a basic supplement plan to ensure your body is receiving the daily recommended nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You’ll also want to add a resveratrol supplement to your daily routine to help fight the development of cancer cells.

Exercise/Weight Loss

Our bodies were designed for active lifestyles, not sedentary routines. If you are sitting at a desk most days, then sitting on the couch at home, and the only exercise you get is from walking to/from your car and around your house…then you really need to fix this.

When? Now. Go take a 2 mile walk. We’ll see you back here within the hour to talk about a weight loss plan that will change your life. We’ll be here. Promise.

Environmental Factors

While you’re working on the inside of your body, you’ll want to examine your surrounding environment. You can tell from the smell of your window spray, bathroom foam or other cleaners that they are toxic. Those nasty chemicals are inside of your body right now, endangering your cells to become cancerous. Do something about it. Replace those products with organically grown, naturally created green cleaning products.

Stress/Mental Health

If we don’t manage our stress, it will literally destroy us…like emotional entropy on the body. Managing stress is hard. Really hard. We know…have to deal with it just like you, but there’s something we can do to limit its impact on your body. You must learn how to naturally manage your stress levels through tactics like supplementation, mediation, and holistic lifestyle changes. It’s possible, you just have to start.