How I Changed my Diet Plan to Help with Psoriatic Arthritis


The aches started in high school. I once thought the pain in my right knee was caused by playing tough defense in basketball or from the impact of the high jumps in cheerleading. When the aches continued and the pains and stiffness spread to my right elbow and right hand, I knew that I had [...]

Working Well with Your Network Marketing Team

Network Marketing Team Tips

Our goal in our Network Marketing Business is to develop a great team, through creating and fulfilling lifelong dreams. Each person brings different skills to their organization, relish this! They are unique, and can provide many gifts to others, therefore it is important to get to know them to find how they can contribute to [...]

Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body. How Does it Happen?


Did you realize that your mouth is in communication with the rest of your body? It’s true! There are so many functions that occur in the mouth that affect other functions throughout the body. My dentist owns a very “forward thinking” dental practice. He and his staff have been attending conferences all over the country, these last few [...]

Why Go for Profits instead of Wages?

It’s the 21st Century, and earning profits instead of wages is the new business model. Americans learned a lot from the most recession of 2008, and are still feeling the effects of it today. Everyone is concerned on how they are best earning income, and are there other ways to either add to their current wages or [...]

Choose the Best Network Marketing Company

What are your reasons for getting involved with a particular network marketing company? It could be a variety of reasons. Let me name a few: Your passionate about the products they sell You are passionate about the mission the company is all about You need money, sounds like a good way to earn some additional income Your [...]